Office finishings, accessories and furniture: bringing design to the workplace.

Strengthened by a network of contacts in the design and furnishing world, our catalogue of products satisfies the widest range of functional needs and aesthetic preferences. Clients can count on high-performance materials, sophisticated lines, construction quality and attention to detail, with dozens of possible furnishing options for the creation of a harmonious, organised environment that transmits a firm’s personality. Get in touch to learn more about the Matis S.r.l. offering.

Office furniture and the personality of spaces.

In order to stand out on the market, it is important for a company to have clearly recognisable values and personality. Even the choice of furniture in company buildings and offices can contribute to a firm’s image. Our collections cover all bases, with everything from minimalist, pared-back style to more creative proposals.

  • Furniture: office chairs, cabinets, drawers, desks and accessories.
  • Easy chairs: sofas, office chairs and seating for waiting rooms; upholstered chairs that combine comfort and sophisticated design.
  • Office accessories: display stands, coat racks, decorative objects and accessories that help define the personality of spaces.

From partition walls to plasterboard, furniture for a functional office.

Well-organised, comfortable surroundings can really help boost efficiency in the workplace. The range of walls and finishings are therefore designed to ensure the optimisation of spaces as well as thermal/acoustic comfort.

  • Partition walls: particularly versatile elements that can adapt to the needs of the space while offering a sophisticated aesthetic.
  • Contracting: false ceilings, plasterboard walls and elements, flooring, lighting and lighting systems, sound-absorbing panels, curtains and fabrics.
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