Matis S.r.l.

Matis S.r.l. has MORE THAN 20 YEARS of experience when it comes to designing work spaces. The Italian firm offers a highly specialised nationwide service for the creation of bespoke management offices, field offices and meeting rooms as well as contract works for the development of drywalls, false ceilings, flooring, building installations and automation, and lighting and/or acoustic comfort studies.

Designers, technicians and sales staff are on hand to interpret the Client’s idea and develop the entire project, from the initial briefing all the way through to after-sales support, while conforming with current legislation and ensuring the utmost quality, design and safety.
Matis S.r.l. is able to offer a wide and continuously updated selection of high-quality products, at competitive prices, thanks to direct representation by leading manufacturers in the sector

In addition, Matis S.r.l. offers tailor-made studies and customised layouts and is careful to select products that will truly enhance spaces. Costs are always optimised and the company’s own teams of specialist installers and technicians take care of installation.

Matis S.r.l. is also a showroom, its space in viale Lunigiana 26 offering visitors the chance to explore and touch the various products making up the main collections.

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